The Nemiranda Arthouse and Museum

The Nemiranda Arthouse and Museum has been one of the most visited by foreign and local visitors. Here they will venture into educating themselves about the painters, their masterpieces prominent traditional and religious practices and one of them is the Nemiranda Arthouse and Museum(NAM). As implied by its name it was designed and constructed by Nemiranda himself by the use of local materials such as bamboo, sawali and old recycled wood coming from the old church and convent of Angono. This arthouse is surrounded by mythical relief murals and three dimensional mythological characters such as the “Ang Nuno” , “Habagat” and “Bernardo Carpio”, “Mariang Makiling”, “Mutya ng Pasig”, “The Mermaid of Angono, “Amihan”, and “Malakas at Maganda”. The whole concept of this house is called the house of legends a magnificent work by the artist himself. The gallery is a showcase of Nemiranda and his five children namely; Katrina, Zarah, Paul Greco, Don Nemesio III, and Chesca attached to the gallery is also the residence of the Nemiranda family which has become part of tourist interests because of its turn of the century wood dessign, component, showcasing, some of the early works of Nemiranda in the sixties and seventies.(Nemiranda Arthouse)

photo by Traveler on Foot

Nemesio R. Miranda Jr. “NEMIRANDA” was born on February 14, 1949 in Angono, Rizal, he attained his Bachelor of Fines Arts Degree at the University of Sto. Tomas. According to this website ( the journey sketches on his childhood onward to becoming an internationally recognized painter/sculptor is replete with inspiring stories of trials and successes. Never losing faith in his capabilities, he forged on and focused on the topics like folklore, genre, family, love and the environment. His talent was hired capturing scenes depicting Angono’s mystic charm. Eventually he gained and known as the country’s forerunner of the art for “Imaginative Figurism”, a master of the human art form who draws his figure through pure imagination.

An art leader in Angono’s thriving art community, founder of renowned Angono Atelier Association in 1975, the first in Angono to popularized sculpture in concrete started in 1970, Founded the Angono Tourism Council, Angono Culture and Art Council and the Higante Makers and Sculptor’s Society that promotes the culture, tradition and the Higantes Festival in Angono. An Institutionalized the Nemiranda Family Art Museum, Angono School for the Arts, and the Artcamp.

photo by Traveler on Foot

He also has the Nemiranda Café and Restaurant which is located along the towns main road in here good food is complemented by paintings of mythical creatures, nature goddesses, mother and child sketches all created by the venerable artist along with artworks by his children and fellow artists from Rizal. And according to “Traveler on Foot” while Nemiranda tries to capture the mystic charm of his town he also sends a message to those who pass by that they are already in the Art Capital of the Philippines. All of these places cater to the development, promotions, and growth of the Art community of Angono, which became a vital contribution in the development of the Art community in Angono which is the “ART CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES“. At present he sits as head of the Visual Art Committee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). So if you want to learn and see how art is created and formed you must visit this amazing place in Angono, Rizal

Here is a link to a video when Nemiranda was interviewed by the show “Mel and Joey”

More information about this place:

Open Daily: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Admission Rate: Php 50.00 / HEAD

Nemiranda Arthouse

Family Art Museum

  • 10 Doña Elena Street, Doña Justa Village Phase 1, Barangay San Roque
    Angono, Rizal, Philippines 1930
    Phone: +63(2) 451.1580
    Mobile: +63(2) 928.4848566

2 thoughts on “The Nemiranda Arthouse and Museum

  1. Rann Anuma says:

    How do we commute going here from Cainta? Thank you.

    • cdma15 says:

      if i remember it right, you ride a jeep going to sta. lucia and from there you ride a jeep going to angono or binangonan
      then tell the driver to drop you at the Nemiranda Arthouse, i think the sign in the jeep needs should be double highway but im not sure
      sorry if it took so long, i just recently opened this account

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