Blanco Family Museum

photo by Blanco Family Museum

Blanco Family Museum was established by Jose “Pitok” V. Blanco a son of a fisherman and prodigy of National Artist Botong Francisco along with his wife Loreto “Loring” Blanco and his 7 children namely Glen, Noel, Michael, Joy, John, Kaye and Peter Paul, who utilized their father’s painting style and through hard work and discipline made international fame, ensuring a legacy of art all the while keeping his feet on native soil. In this museum all of the family members contribute, each member shares a part of the particular museum. This family captured the realism in their own work, the mysterious play of light on water; the flash of iridescence of bird feathers. Impeccable detail, dramatic lighting reminiscent of a Rembrandt, flawless composition and plain old stamina for the sheer size of some of the canvasses all contribute to achieving depth, mood and message. There is no gimmickry here; they just make the portrayal of honest and humble lives of Filipino people and also dictating and expressing their love for their own country and culture.

This photo is taken by Nina Fuentes

This known family of painters, is remembered in the Blanco Family Museum which is located at 312 Ibañez Street Angono, Rizal. Inside this museum you will see how this family grew in the way of art, you will see the artworks that are made by each family member and how they progress through the years. Now, you must be wondering what does the symbol of Blanco means; according from an interview with Angela Benecario a first year college student in Corncordia College in Paco, Manila it is the Royal Carp said that “it is able to swim into the deepest ocean towards success.”

photo by Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo 

Well, the artworks in the gallery were arranged according to their place in the family and you will also perceive that paintings were set according to the age when they work on it. The father Jose “Pitok” Blanco, the patriarch of the Blanco family is one of the well-known artists of Angono. Despite of being influenced by Botong Francisco, Jose Blanco managed to disentangle himself from the tradition of Botong’s style in painting. Pitok supervised to use earthly colors to show a more realistic style and picture. The mother, Loreto “Loring” Blanco also painted and one of her favorite subject were the elderly and Peter Paul. One of her artworks is the “Sunflower” wherein the background is flowers and there is an old woman in front of it. She also does pottery when she is not painting. Most of them started at a very young age, as I know one of them started painting at the age of 2 and it was very fascinating to know that in an early age a kid could make such good paintings.

photo coutesy of Blanco Family Museum

The eldest child was Glenn Blanco at the age of 21 he was able to paint a subject which concerns our society he was not like the other ordinary kinds who would just play games and stuff but instead he focused on practicing his skills in painting and so he entitled his painting “Anak ng Magkakaingin”. According to this website (Blanco Family Museum) the fifth child was John Blanco he posted some of his paintings there too. He also started at a very early age and despite of that fact, he administered to paint as if it was his professional stage already. At the age of 9, he did the painting “Tagabundok” and he make a revision when he got older. And when he reached the age of 13, he already has a painting entitled “Panag-arawan” and many more. Joy Blanco, the eldest daughter inherited her fathers photographic and realistic skills, she is also supervised in painting of her artworks and uses his little brother “Peter Paul” as one of her favorite subjects. The youngest of all, Peter Paul, is their favorite subject and in most of the paintings, he was there standing, playing and even peeing. He was a very terrible kid. At an early age, he already administer to paint and still developing his painting skill. The family faced a tragic incident when Sir Pitok Blanco when he found out that some of his paintings were gone and it was said that a group of men stole it, as of today the family and investigating team are still looking for the paintings and are hoping for it to be returned. He died of heart attack at the age of 76. The country glorified him for his greatness in art and for showing love for our country and traditions.

Some Added Information:

Museum Hours: 9-11am, 1-5pm everyday.
Museum tours guided by curator Rommel Perez.

The Blanco Art School just accross the street.


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